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Data and Specialist Measurement Services

In conjunction with our systems and software, Cathx Ocean offers additional data processing and specialist measurement services and supports. We make this expertise available to all our clients, should they need it.

We can supply hands-on support to expedite data processing for standard operations. We also assist clients in specific offshore measurement applications that fall outside conventional precision parameters. Our services include:

Application Assessment

Applications can take numerous forms and our clients are continually developing the scope of their missions. In some cases, our standard systems might have to be modified for specialist or one-off operations. Cathx Ocean assists existing and prospective clients in assessing their needs for any new applications.

System Specification

Cathx Ocean systems provide sensor resolutions from 0.1 to 2 millimetres as standard. In applications where submillimetre precision is necessary, we configure our systems to meet the exact measurement and visualisation requirements of our clients.

Feasibility Study/Proof of Concept

Our feasibility studies help clients to avoid expensive or hazardous complications. Before going to full production, we develop prototypes or trial systems to prove functionality and reliability.

System Support

With our standard systems, we provide several days of training and integration. For specialist Cathx Ocean systems, our clients can avail of full support, whenever they might need it.

Offshore Support

We supply expert offshore teams to review and assess data as it is collected. This gives clients peace of mind, knowing that sufficient information has been obtained to extract the measurements and build the precision models they require.

Data Processing Support

Most of our clients have the internal resources to process data and generate reports post-collection. However, in some instances, Cathx Ocean has the tools and experience to do this faster, more reliably and with greater precision. We work with our clients to deliver this facility and to develop customised solutions for their applications.