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Cathx Ocean are the global leaders in underwater imaging. We developed our sensors to deliver intelligence and perception capabilities for underwater vehicles. We are now taking that know-how and applying it to all ocean sensors and data, transforming how data is turned to information in real time, to allow ocean robots to operate with greater autonomy.



Founded in 2009 Cathx Ocean is driven by a shared Purpose, Vision and Mission and ably lead by our Senior Management Team.


We exist to accelerate the development of truly autonomous and uncrewed operations to enable scale and facilitate a greater understanding of the impact of activity in the ocean.

Our Mission

We extract and analyze information from underwater sensor data to enable our customers to understand and act on changes.

Our Vision

We will bring the oceans to life in a way never possible before by extracting information from larger amounts of ocean data.


Adrian Boyle

CEO, Founder

Adrian is Founder and Chief Executive of Cathx Ocean Group. Adrian has been one of the global leaders in pioneering underwater imaging technology, primarily in developing sensors and software to deliver intelligence and perception capabilities for underwater vehicles and robots. Adrian has a proven track record with over 30 years experience in technology, leadership, and commercial roles in companies specialised in automation using Machine Vision and Machine Learning based on optical and laser technologies.
Adrian holds a Ph.D. in Physics in Lasers and Non-Linear Optical systems from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. With a strong background in Physics, sensors and analytics he is now guiding Cathx Ocean to expand on the company know how to deliver sensor agnostic software solutions to accelerate subsea automation development across all subsea sensors and vehicle types.

Richie Close

Chief Operating Officer

Richie is a result orientated IT professional with a wealth of testing experience working for large US multinationals and Irish companies in areas such as software security, Internet services, finance, mobile communications and advanced subsea imaging and measurement systems. He has a wealth of experience delivering high quality products on schedule to customers.
Richie thrives in a challenging environment and gets a great sense of satisfaction in seeing test teams delivering on agreed milestone dates.

Rob Gibson

Chief Financial Officer

Rob is a strategic finance executive with 20 years’ post qualified experience in high-technology telecoms and software companies. Rob has a track record of improving company performance from loss making to EBITDA positive and has a strong finance background with hands-on commercial, business partnering and operations experience.

David O’Reilly

Chief Technology Officer

David is an experienced and accomplished Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with a wealth of experience in spearheading and managing multifaceted engineering teams, primarily in sectors reliant on sensor and communications technologies. Demonstrated track record of successfully delivering a wide spectrum of products, encompassing high-volume consumer electronics, mission-critical solutions, and tailored, one-of-a-kind innovations within these technology-intensive domains. Proficient in devising strategic product development roadmaps and skillfully guiding them from inception through scoping, design, implementation, rigorous testing, market launch, and ongoing support.


Uncovering important information as quickly as possible is central to all ocean robot work. Being able to report and assess anomalies or events as data is acquired fundamentally changes the economics of survey.

Please get in touch and we will work with you to provide the best solution for your subsea mission.