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Progress in thinking, progress in technology, even progress in work practices. Everything we do centres around a clear objective – to make subsea operations more efficient, more cost-effective and safer.

Founded in 2009, we have grown to become one of the principal innovators in the subsea imaging and measurement industry. Our systems, software and workflows are in use around the world, helping clients to collect and process data across many applications.

Our multidisciplinary engineering team is driven by a shared vision. We will replace today’s conventional imaging tools and processes with intelligent imaging and measurement systems. And we are making strides towards this vision every day.

Using our current infrastructure, Cathx Ocean clients can learn much more, more quickly, from the data they collect. Operation costs are substantially lowered through accelerated acquisition rates and reduced vessel time. Furthermore, by providing the means for automated data processing, the quality of information gathered by our systems produces even greater efficiencies.

Data processing automation serves as the blueprint for reliable machine decision-making in the future.

Once this becomes established, full automation of underwater vehicles in real time is achievable. Together with our clients, we are taking definitive steps to reach this goal. By applying our technologies to their data, the power of embedded systems to automatically review, visualise and perform trend analysis is within our sights. When we get there, the potential reduction in inspection time and costs can only be described as dramatic. And, by minimising human intervention in subsea operations, we will make them safer too.