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Our oceans
are important

Our oceans are vital for regulating our climate and sustaining life on our planet. We need to understand, monitor, and protect them and their biodiversity to ensure their long-term sustainability. And that requires making decisions based on data we can trust.

We Need Better Quality Data

We Need More Data Coverage

We Need Faster Data Insights

Greater coverage of high-quality data

Our goal is to allow survey vehicles to fly at higher speed than conventional cameras, allowing the linear acquisition of 5km to 9km of good, sharp and corrected image data per hour. In excess of 300,000 square meters of coverage is possible during a 10-hour AUV mission.

Robust baseline for future comparisons

Establishing a comprehensive and high-quality initial dataset creates a ground truth reference for monitoring changes over time. 

Framework for developing AI

Greater coverage of high-quality data means we have sufficient volumes of data for training AI models to automate tasks like object detection and classification. The INKA processing platform ensures data is captured and pre-processed in a uniform manner, critical for optimising model performance. Once trained, models can be deployed and run live on the edge during mission surveys, delivering eventing and insights in real-time.


The intelligent subsea sensor for environmental research

A fully integrated system with INKA onboard

INKA Iris is a compact, intelligent solution for environmental research at depths of up to 1000 meters.
Requiring minimal payload space (183mm length, 72mm width, 1.4kg in water) and low power consumption. Perfect for midsize Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs).

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