Cathx Ocean Client Case Studies

Cathx Ocean are global innovators in subsea imaging and measurement. Our systems, software, workflows and support enable clients to achieve high-speed, high-quality underwater data acquisition across many applications.

Read client case studies detailing how our technology overcomes oceanic challenges to make subsea operations more efficient, cost-effective and safer.

DOF Subsea

Overcoming the challenges of poor visibility in the underwater environment.

Working with DOF Subsea, we demonstrated how Cathx Ocean systems can eradicate the challenges associated with conventional imaging technologies and greatly enhance image and video quality in turbid water.

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The Alfred Wegener Institute

Overcoming the challenges associated with seafloor surveys including poor visibility, slow survey times and accurate geolocation.

Working with the Alfred Wegener Institute, Cathx Ocean’s subsea camera, lighting and software technology enabled tracking year-on-year changes in the fauna and seafloor, and investigation of spatial population density.

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BP, Oceaneering and Wood

Overcoming slow structure inspection times and improving safety with less offshore personnel required.

How BP, Oceaneering and Wood used Cathx Ocean’s UHD imaging system to complete subsea structure surveys six times faster than traditional structure inspections. This changed the survey process going forward with reduced offshore personnel, 3D models and pioneering visualisation analysis software.

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The Marine Institute

Overcoming the challenges associated with accurately surveying year-on-year changes in a seafloor species population.

Working with The Marine Institute, find out how Cathx Ocean’s subsea technology was used to survey the Nephrops population for sustainable commercial fishing, providing better subsea images, data outputs and increased survey efficiency.

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Black Sea MAP Project

How Cathx Ocean’s subsea imaging system revealed ancient shipwrecks and modelled them for post-acquisition inspection during the Black Sea MAP project with MMT and Reach Subsea.

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