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Cathx Ocean are always looking for candidates who are curious, adaptable, and are looking for a career less ordinary. Working with us will test your problem-solving ability and offer you the chance to develop your skills, make a meaningful impact and further your career in the most challenging and unusual environments. We encourage people from all backgrounds and locations to apply for our roles.

Cathx Ocean values all our employees and will endeavour to create a safe and positive working environment where all employees are treated with dignity and respect, whether we are working remotely, hybrid or on-site. Our people are our most important asset, and the health and wellbeing of our team is of the utmost importance.


Please see our available opportunities below:

November 2, 2023

Senior Software Developer – Cathx Ocean


Our values define how we operate and behave as individuals and collectively. We operate in a tough business and for Cathx Ocean to be the best, we each and collectively must be the best.

As we grow, we need to understand what our values are and how our behaviours support or conflict with these values. Our values inform all of our interactions, both internally and externally.

Clear communication and information sharing are at the core of integrating these values into practice.


We use innovation and creativity to win. Working together as a team we disrupt our industries through fearlessness, by embracing difficult challenges, finding unique and creative solutions and delivering them to meet and exceed the needs of our customers.


As a business we are responsive to industry and customer requirements. Having the ability to focus on delivery while also adapting to a changing or transient opportunity requires that as individuals and an organisation we are agile.


Being industry leaders requires us to have the grit to face our creative challenges and see them through despite the odds being against us. This differentiates us from our competitors.  Through our resilience we learn and adapt, and when combined with our agility and creativity we know we can win.


Honesty and accountability underpin each of our interactions, with our team, the company and our clients daily. We are uncompromising in our intention to operate with integrity. We value each other, and mutual respect underpins our relationships.


We strive to be exceptional, demonstrating commitment to delivering reliably, with precision and performance each and every time, challenging ourselves to continuously think critically.