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March 2018

Cathx Ocean Launches Innovative Range of Fully Integrated Laser and Imaging Systems

By Laser & Imaging Systems, Press

Cathx Ocean, a leading innovator in subsea imaging and measurement technologies, launched its new range of laser and imaging systems at the 2018 Oceanology International event in London earlier this month.

Comprising the Hunter, Scout, Pathfinder and Prowler models, each system offers the Cathx Ocean ‘Fast Fly’ capability. Unique to the industry, ‘Fast Fly’ enables non-stop, high-speed, single-pass videos, stills and laser for a variety of subsea operations.

Featuring multiplexer bottles for single-power input and fibre communications, software APIs, control and visualisation GUIs, the systems also provide full integration support for third party and Cathx Ocean Solid software.

By eliminating motion blur and backscatter and by dramatically improving the area and range of imaging, Cathx Ocean systems allow vehicles to move much faster – so fast, in fact, that they can reduce inspection costs by up to 80%.

The new systems facilitate precision synchronisation between the imaging sensor and the light source to produce incredibly accurate spatial registration of laser and image data. When processed through Cathx Ocean Solid software, the systems deliver unrivalled levels of detail and colour – a first of their kind in subsea operations.

As part of the launch, Cathx Ocean delivered an insightful presentation on Subsea Imaging and Measurement for Machine Learning and Automation. This was accompanied by live demonstrations of real-time pipeline tracking, which illustrated how precision point cloud data can be used to greatly enhance structural inspection and automation.

Cathx Ocean provides systems, software, workflows and supports to clients around the world, helping them to collect and process data across many applications and industries, with a strong focus on the energy, defence, oceanographic and fishery sectors. The company’s ambition is to offer the best offshore service and support by making subsea operations more efficient, more cost-effective and safer.

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