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August 2023

Introducing CLARITY  – Cathx Ocean’s Technology Solution for Ocean Robots

By Press

CLARITY is Cathx Oceans’ software solution that combines sensor data, machine vision and machine learning based automation to deliver information real-time to facilitate quick decision making.

Who is it designed for?

CLARITY is for anyone operating in the subsea survey industry who require data intelligence earlier, faster, and more reliably.

Designed initially to find events in Cathx sensor data by processing shape and image data in real time, CLARITY has now been extended to enable machine vision and machine learning implementations to work with a range of other subsea sensors.

How can it help your business?

CLARITY provides a reliable scalable cost-effective data insights solution.  It also overcomes industry challenges associated with resourcing, processing time and data deliverables at scale.

Cathx Ocean is now taking our experience and expertise in standardising visual workflows for Cathx sensors to all sensors so that over the next three years, by gradually introducing processing, automated event detection, report, and data product generation instantaneously for a given sensor or application, we can move the workflow to a fully autonomous one. This is the CathX Factor.

Data for Object, Event Auto-Detection and Building Blocks towards Autonomy

Cathx Ocean’s ability to automate feature detection via images and laser rely on our data quality and fused real time shape information – the central building blocks for true visual autonomy. Cathx Machine Vision techniques use ‘shape’ to perform this function at higher speed, more reliably and with greater precision than any other visual sensor. All the raw data needed for any further offline processing is also still captured for future use. Our technology solutions not only process and co-ordinate data from our own sensors but can also allow processing and co-ordination of data from other vehicle sensors to identify objects with a high degree of certainty, tagging and recording these objects, their location, and providing real time notifications.

These key capabilities deliver inline data pre-processing with automated event detection in milliseconds using shape information to reliably “measure” changes. Streamlined data product generation then takes these events and allows high speed colour point cloud generation, achieved by combining colour pixels from imagery with the shape information, to provide the input to pipeline integrity management tools within minutes rather than weeks.


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